Dietary guide for your health

Dietary Guidelines For Your Health and the Environment The Obama administration’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released earlier this month, are supposed to represent the best scientific judgments on what people need to do to stay healthy. Instead, the 2016 edition of the guidelines, like those before it, are confusing to consumers and influenced by the … [Read more…]

Remarkably Heal Painful Ankles

7 Best Steps Here to Remarkably Heal Painful Ankles   Get Supper Joint Support to Naturally Reduce and Even Get Rid of Ankle Pain Your ankles are one of your body’s key weight-bearing joints, responsible for providing stability and movement while standing or walking. As a hinged joint, your ankle is susceptible to injury during … [Read more…]

Revealed the best cure for moodiness

Revealing Here 6 Causes and Best Cure for Moodiness Click HERE to Find Out How You Can Stabilize and Improve Your Mood Dramatically One minute you’re happy, the next you feel like you’re ready to explode out of anger, burst into tears, climb the walls out of anxiousness — or all of the above. Moodiness … [Read more…]

Stress? How you control it?

Are you suffering from second-hand stress? Observing someone who is stressed can have an immediate effect upon our own nervous system Credit: Alamy   Sponsored by Babbel Learn a new language at your own pace Studying a new language doesn’t have to mean stepping back into the classroom. Babbel offers 13 language courses that can be studied … [Read more…]

Eczema Natural Remedy

Why Natural Eczema Treatments! Best Natural Treatments for Eczema & Tips By Ninja Nev Natural Treatments For Eczema Are Best Natural treatments for Eczema is the real long term solution and here is why. Eczema is a very uncomfortable skin problem which is often compounded over time through the use of drugstore or variety store … [Read more…]

Interesting Facts About Cellulite

8 Tips On How To Remove Cellulite Cellulite is not everyone’s favorite topic of discussion. Especially when it’s also known as orange peel skin, cottage cheese thighs, and hail damage. Kinda’ mean, huh? And, the reason why people don’t want to talk about cellulite is because most women have it and they all want to … [Read more…]

Metabolism Myths, Busted or Booster?

Metabolism Myths: What Really Works? Metabolism boosters are trendy especially as we are going towards the festive season. There are many quasi-scientific claims heralded in glossy magazines, and blogs, that relate the latest finds. When your metabolism functions you have clear skin, healthy responses, energy and positive feedback from a balanced body and mind. A … [Read more…]

Autism Spectrum Disorder Extend To Sexuality

Does the ‘Extreme Male Brain Theory’ Of Autism Spectrum Disorder Extend to Sexuality and Gender? The Posting Maven Every Saturday, The CSPH highlights news or recent research in the field of human sexuality. This week we’re looking at “Sexuality and Gender Role in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Control Study.” This study was featured in … [Read more…]

Tips on how to prevent hair loss

Preventing Hair loss how??? “Hair loss occurs due to several factors like hormonal problems, genetics, or any other chronic diseases. You can prevent hair loss by taking few simple steps like keeping your hair and scalp healthy, taking dietary supplements, scalp treatment and  seeking professionals’ help to promote healthy hair growth.” Whenever you have any doubt … [Read more…]